Assembling Your Own Poker Set

Assembling Your Own Poker Set

If you’re a serious player, you’ve probably already thought, at one point or another, of assembling your own poker set so that you can play poker from the comfort of your own home. Aside from the cards (and perhaps the felt table cover with the appropriate markings), there’s one major component you’ll have to procure: the chips!

Of course, if you’re getting them for home use, you probably don’t need the casino-style chips where every single one is of the highest grade. Those things could run up to hundreds of dollars, something you’re probably not prepared to pay for home-use chips. On the other hand, you also have the option of getting cheap poker chips, the kind that you can pick up in convenience stores and bookshops. That kind, though, usually look and feel cheap as well and that certainly won’t look good when you invite some of the guys over for poker night. Getting the right kind of chips isn’t just for the looks and bragging rights; it’s also for you to get maximum value for your money.

The Low End

Cheap poker chips are very available today, when poker is seen as a major sporting event rather than a mere game. Thus cheap poker chips can be found in a variety of places and for a variety of prices.

The cheapest you could probably find are the lightweight plastic poker chips, most probably from manufacturers Bicycle. They’re available in red, white or blue and not very good in terms of use. Although they cost less than $5 per hundred chips, the 2-gram discs are very generic and somewhat difficult to stack because of their lack of weight and texture. They’re probably more appropriate as decorations or tokens in board games, so leave them off your poker table unless you really need cheap poker chips.

Diamond chips are the next step up in terms of price point at under $10 per hundred chips. Weighing in from 6 to 11.5 grams per chip, they’re more solid and offer a better feel than the generic chips. They’re made of a mix of clay and plastic, so they offer a good grip while at the same time remaining quite pliable. Several manufacturers make Diamond chips, so buy a few from each and then purchase the entire set from the manufacturer that you feel makes the best ones.

The High End

The most notable difference between high-end poker chips and low-end, cheap poker chips is the material. Higher end chips almost always use clay or ceramic, which gives them a better feel and grip. That’s why most casinos use custom-made clay or ceramic chips. Cheap poker chips are usually made of plastic or a plastic mix, thus making them more affordable.

Many ceramic poker chips are made by the chip manufacturer ChipCo. Although ChipCo’s a fairly new company, their ceramic chips have quickly made a name for them. While they’re slightly more slippery than clay chips, they have a very smooth surface that feels very nice to the touch. They also allow customers to specify designs for the chip, and many casinos are ChipCo clients because of the customization. At 10 grams per chip, ceramic chips fall within the casino norm. Ceramic chips typically cost between 75� and $1.10 per chip – not your typical cheap poker chip.

Each price point has its own merits in terms of quality, and you get what you pay for. When choosing for your own set, get the kind that you’re sure has the most value for your cash.